Inspiring growth through decentralized innovation and collaboration

We are a rapidly growing group of top-tier software engineering consultants, where decentralization and empowerment of entrepreneurs are key components in our model for success.

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Generate is crafted to elevate your expertise and growth - our decentralized model is centered around the entrepreneurs and software developers, fostering voluntary collaborations, while empowering growth and innovation.

Great talent at the forefront

We believe great talent wants to be at the forefront of development, solve hard problems, have flexibility, surround themselves with inspiring and knowledgeable colleagues, be challenged and constantly learn new things. That’s the only way to stay relevant over time - because what is hard today will be easy tomorrow.

Preserving success, embracing diversity

We put high emphasis on protecting the recipe for success that has brought all the companies in the group to where they are today. This is achieved by keeping each company's unique culture, philosophy and way of doing business, whilst being mindful of the quality and DNA of new companies being invited to join Generate. We believe diversification is a strength that results in stability and increased growth opportunities through differing geographical locations, delivery models, type of customers, end markets, coding languages, and much more.

Empowering growth through support

We are focused on giving all entrepreneurs and software developers in the group the best possible support - in a decentralized manner - to challenge the big and dominant players in the market, win more customers, and continue developing without it having to be at the expense of uniqueness and strong local roots.

Advantages derived from joining the Generate family...

By bringing together many different companies with the common ability to deliver very high quality to their customers, many interesting - but voluntary - areas of cooperation emerge. The differences in the group, where the companies complement each other, creates optimal conditions for collaboration and joint value creation.

Enabling you to attract bigger clients

By utilizing the combined competencies, resources, experience and geographical coverage of the group, there are very few customer demands that cannot be met.

Expanded service offering to customers

The cooperation and shared economics in the group offers all companies a new opportunity to work with upsell/cross-sell with new and shared customers. More importantly – it provides an opportunity to add value and deliver a broader offering to customers.

Knowledge sharing 

We believe that knowledge sharing will occur everyday, everywhere, between individuals in the different companies, when a group sharing the same values and DNA is put together, and there is no interference in the unique and highly creative culture.

HR and Employer branding

An opportunity to learn more, in combination with new and exciting career paths across the group, as well as being part of building something new across many different markets, are examples of what employees in the group are able to take part in. As our highly skilled employees are our most valuable asset, all employees within the group are offered the chance to invest in Generate to participate in the value we create together during our exciting journey.

Resource sharing across all functions

Sharing resources – on a voluntary basis - within the group, such as recruitment, sales, HR, software developers, help the companies quickly adapt to a changing environment, constantly optimise capacity utilisation, reduce risks connected to future growth investments, and offer employees broader assignments and new development paths.

Increased geographic reach and cooperation between locations 

Many of the companies have strong competitive positions locally which creates both stability and opportunities for the group, while geographical spread between and within countries helps win public procurements, cross-border customers, leveraging differing currency- and hourly rates, and much more.

Piktiv CEO


CEO, Piktiv

Piktiv has always focused on delivering top-notch software solutions, but joining the Generate Group has been a real game-changer. It's like having a whole team of experienced and like-minded colleagues in your corner, sharing their expertise and connections. We're constantly learning from each other, pushing boundaries, and finding new ways to serve our clients. It's not just the growth opportunities that appealed to us, but also being part of something bigger and better, together – while keeping our ways of working and our identity intact."
our companies
Cloud Enablers
Örebro, Göteborg
Cloud Enablers offers services in cloud strategy, software development, architecture, analytics as well as leadership in digital transformation.
Mirado offers services in software development, DevOps & Cloud Engineering, as well as Product Management.
Skövde, Örebro, Stockholm
Piktiv offers services within the areas of software development, game development, and growth – provided through in-house team delivery.
Stockholm Code Group
Stockholm Code Group offers services in software development and architecture.
Swace Digital
Stockholm, Uppsala
Swace Digital offers services in software development, including, for example, frontend, backend, app, and web development.
Ronneby, Stockholm
Systematiq offers services in software development, cloud, app, and web development – with emphasis on long-term contracts and deep collaborations.

What defines our companies


High quality 

The clearest common denominator amongst all companies in the group is the high-quality deliveries to the customers. To deliver high quality, you need complex coding competencies that are deemed mission critical by customers and cannot be easily found elsewhere. You also need the right culture with a fun and rewarding workplace at the center, that allows for constant development by taking on challenging problems for the customers. 



There is pride in being a part of any company in the group. This pride is connected to the quality of the colleagues and deliveries to customers, and to staying at the forefront of the development in the industry. To be able to tell customers, whatever their problem is, that “we will solve this for you”. 



Generate should be defined by the quality of what is delivered to customers, which will result in highly satisfied customers, and hence exceptional financial performance in terms of growth and margins. We should stand out by not talking about how good we are, but by the quality of what we create. This we believe will attract like-minded companies and colleagues and preserve the positive attitude and culture even as the group grows.

Our companies always deliver at 
high quality...